About Us

Juicebox Club is a Toronto-based independent diabetes brand and a community for those living with diabetes.

What we believe in

Sir Frederick Banting famously sold insulin to the University of Toronto for $1, so that it could become mass produced, saying: Insulin does not belong to me. It belongs to the world.

Unfortunately for so many, this lifesaving drug is still not readily or affordably available.

The spirit of Sir Frederick’s selfless gesture to help so many across the world inspired me to try something myself to help those living with Diabetes. That’s why I started this brand, Juicebox Club.

For every order, I’m donating $1 to verified charitable organizations that support Diabetes research and awareness to help make Sir Frederick’s dream a reality and, hopefully, one day discover a cure.

As a Type 1 Diabetic myself, I understand how lonely and disheartening the experience can sometimes be. I hope that together we can provide each other with hope and a sense of community, and work together to make things easier for those living with Diabetes around the world.

Join the Juicebox Club and support Diabetes research and awareness

We donate $1 from every order to verified charitable organizations that support Diabetes research, awareness, and communities like T1 International and HEADing to 2022.

Contact us

Questions about your order? Want to partner with us? Send all inquiries to info@juiceboxclub.co