Diabetic gift guide: The best gifts for diabetics this holiday season

diabetic gift guide juicebox club

More than ever, there are tons of great gifts out there for the loved ones in your life who are living with diabetes.

From practical products that will make their lives easier to the silly gifts that will make them smile, there are so many options for what to wrap up under the tree this year.

To help you out, we decided to put together the ultimate guide to the gifts that people living with diabetes love.

So let’s grab some eggnog and cookies, and dive in—but don’t forget to bolus first. 

“Everything is OK” phone case from The Diabetic Survivor

When it comes to diabetes merch, the quirky and comedic illustrations from The Diabetic Survivor are absolute showstoppers. From tongue-in-cheek t-shirts to hilarious stickers, you’re sure to find something awesome for your insulin-dependent family and friends.

Our top pick? The “Everything is OK” phone case, featuring a diabetes management device telling us exactly what we need to hear in 2020.

Diabetes cases from Myabetic

If you’re close with a diabetic, then you know exactly how useful having a dedicated carrying case for their supplies can be.

myabetic backpack

Myabetic has established itself as one of the best brands for diabetes cases in recent years with designs that include special holding areas for all the supplies a diabetic needs in their day-to-day.

“Insulin is a Human Right” t-shirt from Juicebox Club

We have a few different designs from Juicebox Club that we could recommend here, but the simple and powerful “Insulin is a Human Right” tee is one of our favourites. 

juicebox club insulin is a human right

For every order, Juicebox Club donates $1 towards diabetes research and awareness in honour of Sir Frederick Banting first selling diabetes to the University of Toronto for $1 in hopes of making it accessible and affordable for all.

Once you’re done reading, be sure to check out our other new designs like the “Life is Sweet” hoodies and totes.

A donation in their name to HEADing to 2022

Here's a gift idea that could have a big impact on the world at-large: Make a donation in your friend or family member's name to HEADing to 2022, a new project spearheaded by Dr. James Shapiro.

dr james shapiro heading to 2022

Dr. Shapiro at the University of Alberta and other top Canadian researchers are within reach of finding a practical cure for diabetes. HEADing to 2022 is a grassroots initiative aiming to raise enough money to help take their decades of research further and begin to enter human trials.

Stickers from Diabetic Designs

Diabetic Designs is Emily Barger, a Type 1 graphic designer with a flair for creating incredibly fun products for diabetics.

diabetes sticker

Our favourite? The “Mountains” sticker, a flip on a very popular outdoorsy brand, for the diabetic in your life who loves hiking and fresh air.

An Apple Watch from Apple

For most people, an Apple Watch is a great gift, but for diabetics it's extra special.

apple watch diabetes

If you're a person with diabetes who uses devices like the Dexcom G6 which have their own companion Apple Watch app, you can check your blood sugar without even taking out your phone.

Device tape from Pimp My Diabetes

Pimp My Diabetes carries a massive range of amazing products—from medical ID bracelets to temporary tattoos. But what they’re best known for is their patterned adhesive tape.

diabetic adhesive tape

No more do your diabetic friends have to settle for their Libre looking oh-so-bland; with a gift from Pimp My Diabetes you can spice up their life with a bold adhesive tape that will demand attention.

“Diabetic Duo” enamel pin set from Organizing Chaos

Organizing Chaos is run by Claire, an incredibly talented Type 1 designer who crafts beautiful products inspired by her experience with diabetes. Prints, cards and more are available on Organizing Chaos’ online store—so many stocking stuffers for the diabetic on your list.

We recommend the 2-for-1 “Diabetic Duo” enamel pin set. Brilliantly designed, the set features an insulin bottle and syringe filled with sunshine and rainbows. 

What's on your list?

Got a gift on your list that you're hoping someone gets you this year? We'd love to hear from you.

Let us know your gift ideas for diabetics in the comments below!


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